Question about my English Orpingtons


7 Years
Jun 16, 2012
Zone 8a
I purchased some very expensive English Orpington hatching eggs from Ebay, I can't remember what line they are at the moment, but the stock was beautiful and I really wanted some of these pretty babies for my flock.

I'm not sure my girls [I think they're all girls at this point] are feathering out very well, they are so soft! So much softer than my other orpingtons and they're sweet too.

What do you think? I've got no idea what English Orpingtons are really supposed to look like, can anyone take a peak and tell me what you think of them?

Try posting your pictures here --->
Many very good, well knowledged breeders on here that can help. So far I think they look very nice :). I would wait until they are a little older to determine show quality and such though.

Thank you! I did put my pictures there already :) Good to know I was heading in the right direction.

Maybe it's because they're still young, but they seem kind of scruffy to me. I was hoping they'd all be beauties right away...I'm so impatient! lol

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