Question about my little Columbian Wyandotte


6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Meeker, Colorado
My sweet little TinkerBelle may or may not be sick? I'm a first timer, we have 13 chicks, 4 weeks old... Waiting for this Colorado Springtime weather to get warmer, so they can go outside.. Our chicks live in a nice warm bin in my mud room and everyone seems happy and healthy, well almost everyone! Tink is the smallest, best I can tell, the bottom of the pecking order and is not growing like everyone else. While most of my kiddos have a lot of "big girl" feathers and have quadrupled in size, she is just now beginning to get some wing feathers and still teeny tiny! her wings are growing in all jagged and look shabby. She eats like a champ (always after everyone else is finished) and when I force feed her water she will drink, but I very rarely see her drinking on her own in the pen. She is dealing with some pasty butt, it seems to be improving with my washing and warm cloths along with some Vaseline. She also cries (very sadly and loudly) when she poops! Everytime!!! (Some old timers told me she was just a big baby) I kind of assumed she was dehydrated but now that her feathers look rough I'm wondering if she's sick? Perhaps she is just a tiny runt and slow to grow?? She usually sleeps standing up in the middle of the other chicks and I feel bad for her? She likes it when I let her cuddle with me, but also seems to walk around the pen and act normal?!? (Except when she poops?) any ideas??


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Jan 17, 2013
she sounds like she would benefit from some probotics in her water. make sure she's drinking and add a probotics like probios. I love probios I use it for my whole flock. when my chicks first arrived I had one with pasty butt so badly .I did some research and found out probios probotic replenished the gut with good bacteria and actually helped fight off the bad once the good was in place. well I used it and my chicks pasty butt cured right up NEVER to return again. I use it often in my water and the stool of my flock had been great thank God! my babies are now 4 months old and still getting the probotic for there optimum gut health. it works like a charm. you can order it online by googling probios for chickens and I believe its around 12 dollars. it lasts so long I only use a 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water. to a teaspoon per gallon. it cured my chick right up.its much better than plain yougart because first its not a milk product and second it has many many more live active cultures inside! I highly recommended this for your chick! you should see a difference in a couple of days. just as pro biotic is excellent for people its also excellent for chicks and chickens. it keeps there gut flourishing with good bacteria they desperately need for gut health! if you need it immediately and can't wait for order. the feed store carries a brand called rooster booster probotics. I've not tried that brand but it should do the same. maybe order probios then use rooster booster brand until it comes in. it comes pretty fast too.I know it will make her feel better soon. good luck. and hope this was helpful to you. it's really good stuff. remember to keep her hydrated. that's very important! best of luck.

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