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    ok so I know nest boxes should be 12 x 12 x 12 for standard bredds. but I have also been told that I should put a 1 x 4 across the front to prvent bedding from coming out so should it be 12 inches tall from the bottom of the box or from the top of the 1 x 4? I hope this makes sense... I think I'm over thinking it lol
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    Yes, you are overthinking it [​IMG]. Twelve inches from the bottom of the box. That being said, I've never seen a chicken with a tape-measure, so I don't know that they'll care too much. That's just an approximate size. My nest boxes are plastic dishpans. I don't even know what size they are.
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    Thank you!!
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    All the chickens that I know carry around customer satisfactions surveys to let you know how they are doing or is it how you are doing. I have a hugh gripe about customer satisfactions surveys and this post gave me an opportunity to say so.[​IMG]
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    :) Yeah i bet they have a little pad and pen tucked under their wing at all times
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    We use plastic dish pans too and I *think* they are about 11 x 14. I think our nests are about 12" tall at the tallest end, not counting the wood to keep the shavings in (not what ours are for since we use the pans). Our heavy layers fit just fine. Sometimes 2 at a time.
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    my boxes are 12 x 12 with a small lip at the bottom. i don't know if my girls will like them for nest boxes or not, but all four sleep in one nest box @ night. they are big girls & it's a tight fit, but ever since their fellow boys & girls were killed by my dog, they feel safer sleeping together in the box rather than the roost.
    i'm wondering when or if they'll give it up & sleep on the roost again.
  8. Red Barn Farms

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    Well, I added two 12x12 nests in one of our coops just yesterday. Also was so lucky to find this metal nester for only 25 bucks! Going to pick it up this afternoon.[​IMG]
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    Mine are a bit larger than 12X12-- I believe mine are around 15 or 16 inches. Plenty big enough. :) I have a lip on the front to keep nesting material from falling or being kicked out. They like to kick around a bit before they lay.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. galanie

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    Aug 20, 2010
    Mine are those plastic milk crates and I think they're about 12x12. But with no top. My Orps hang out of them LOL but they lay in there just fine. Even brood.

    But when I put those in a trap nest that does have a top, I have to make the enclosure taller than that, around 14" or the girls won't go in them.

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