Question about our hatching eggs


11 Years
Mar 30, 2008
We have four that are hatching. One has successfully hatched. The other three have pipped through the shell.

They pipped through the shell at some point during the night. Not sure when. They are not showing much movement, and I need to figure out if I need to help them. How long do I wait?

Thanks for your help!!
It can take them 24+ hours after they pip to start the zipping process. They often take a long nap after they get that initial pip in the shell. Set on your hands and leave the lid shut!
Thank you! I read the sticky about helping your chicks when they are stuck, and now my daughter is panicking and wants me to help, lol. I needed a little backup to help convince her it was ok to wait.

Helping too soon is more likely to do more harm than good. Hatching is a process that just takes a while. Some take longer than others to hatch. They need time to absorb their yolk and for the blood vessels to draw back as they zip. Give them time to do it on their own. They'll be healthier if they make it out on their own.
The one I'm most cocerned about is chirping a lot and has a pretty big hole punched through. It isn't moving around, though. Now I'm paranoid that it has dried out and isn't going to be able to zip around the egg.

The other two just have little cracks and we haven't seen any movement from them yet.
They will take a while to hatch. My ducks where due last tuesday and all 2 hatched out last night. The other 1 the night before. 2 passed and 1 made it. They just need time. Keep the lid closed so you do let out the humidity

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