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    Dec 11, 2009
    Hi there, I looked around the forum a bit and didn't see this particular question asked so here goes. I have an ailing hen, swelling face, legs, generally rather miserable expression on her face - but still eating and drinking and running after treats [​IMG] ~!
    Anyway, I finally remembered her eating a smallish white mushroom that was growing in the grass within the last week. I actually spotted it and was about the stoop to swipe it and she snuck in there and nabbed it. She dropped it, but when another lady threatened to steal her discovery.....she gobbled it up. Ahhhh, gluttony, it will get you every time. Anyway my question is this. I am assuming that she still layed a few eggs after ingesting the mushroom.....and those eggs are randomly mixed in about 5 dozen others I collected this week. Do I need to pitch all those eggs? Is the toxin transferred to the egg, or does the hen's liver/kidney absorb all that toxin? I am a little nervous about using those eggs. I have little kids.
    As for my hen, well, she doesn't look good. I am watching her. I know they don't like to let on that they are ill, for fear of being attacked by the flock. I would lean towards thinking she may be in organ failure (retention of fluid).
    [​IMG] Phooey
    Well if any experts out there have any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Sorry, don't know a thing about your 'shroom question...
    but am very interested in your hen. I had a hen whose face/head swelled up about a month ago... thought at the time maybe she got into something? She also got yellow crusty all over her skin... used Tylan and swelling went down but she lost all her feathers and is having a hard time coming back... eats, drinks and poops just fine but has lost weight and seems weak. I would like to hear more about how your hen does and what you are doing for her.
    Sorry I'm not more help. Hope your hen improves!

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