Question about price of eggs??

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    I'm not sure where to put this question so I'll just post it here and hopefully I get an answer. I'm going to meet a breeder later to pick up a bird and was going to ask her about her d'Uccle's again. She said she doesn't sell hatching eggs, she only sells biddies but rarely does it. What's a good price to give her for 12 fertilized hatching eggs? I really want some more d'Uccle's and she's my best bet but doesn't want to really breed them. Her d'Uccle's are a Mille fluer/mottled pair and a self blue/mottled pair.
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    It's whatever you are willing to pay, or she is willing to accept. Each person's prices could vary greatly. I've been known to pay 150 for a dozen eggs if it is something I really want.
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    I basically came to that conclusion. After talking to her today Iim hoping she breeds them and since I'm not the only person wanting them I think she is now.

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