question about purchasing hatching eggs...

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Momagain1, Mar 31, 2012.

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    never done it, so needed to know if there are any questions/concerns I should have...

    things running in my head are:

    how do I know they are fertile eggs?
    how do I know that they will be "good" to incubate after shipping?

    lets say they ship same day or day after they are laid..and it takes 3 or so days to get to me...??? they'll still be viable once in incubator??
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    Very good questions however, not the most important ones. When getting shipped eggs, theres a couple of things you should do first. First Candle them, you want to look for hair line cracks, loose air cells, scrambed up yolks, etc. Once that's done, i would let them sit for about 24 hours, some people let them only sit for 12 hours, I do the full 24. If you have loose air cells, it's really hard to get them to develop and hatch, I have sucessfully done it in the past, kind of a pain but not impossible.. Rule of thumb the older the egg, the slimmer chance of hatching, 4 days is not bad.

    Your not going to be able to tell if they are fertiled until you see no growth and even then you won't be able to tell until you crack open the egg and look at the yolk for the white circle, white circle is fertiled. I wouldn't worry about fertiled or not fertiled right now... Be more concerned on the condition of the eggs when you get them. The Post office is extremely Rough on eggs. They could careless what "fragile" means or "handle with care".. I live in Ohio and I got 6 eggs from someone who's in PA, none of them hatched because of loose air cells, then I got replacement eggs 9 more and so far I have ONE that is suppose to go into lockdown on Monday. This batch I received 1 cracked all the way around when I opened them up. So be more concerned on the condition of the eggs rather then fertilization right now..

    If you eggs have hair line cracks you can put a some candle wax on them to seal them up, I have done this an amazely they have hatched. So candle your eggs as soon as you get them or at least that night and check there status out. While waiting to candle them put them in a room to set. You will be able to see the loose air cells when you candle..
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