Question about Pygmy Goats...


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Hello, i have been wondering some things about my pygmy goats, as i dont know a whole lot about them!

Me and my husband we have a female pygmy/fainting (more pygmy though) and a pygmy billie, we have them in the same pin along with some other animals (chickens,ducks,and turkeys) what i was wondering is how to tell if our female is pregnant? i dont have much knowledge when it comes to our goats because ive never had them til recently! would she go into heat if she was pregnant? Please if anyone knows any thing about these goats id love to hear your answers!!


7 Years
Mar 20, 2012
First off, how old are they? how long have they been together? If they have been together for over a month she's pregnant. Get the buck out now!! You are going to learn the hard way like us this year, the buck can injure the doe (and kids!) when she is pregnant. the smell of her hormones causes the buck to think she is in heat and breeds her.

When you separate the buck, buy a wether (a castrated buck), and put them together for company. and you can buy a wether or another doe for the your doe.

- Udder development. The udder may start forming within 2 months of kidding to 2 hours before kidding.
- she (may) become calmer and quiet.

Pay no mind to the big belly. Seriously. A long time ago when we bought our first goats we thought they were pregnant because they ate alot.

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