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I am looking for some information about registering a name with the Department of State. I am mainly curious with people who have done this in Arizona, but if people from other states have information or advice, I would be glad to hear it.

We don't have a "farm" to to speak right now. Next year we will have property with a nice sized garden, a chicken coops and 2 dogs. We plan on selling the veggies and the eggs. Possibly a goat or something else, at a later date. My husband and I decided on a name and we want to make sure we can get it for our property. I guess my question is: would we qualify for a "farm" to be in our name?

My next question is that I have done a little research about registering the name and purchasing a trademark. When we purchase a trademark is it a one time fee? I am confused to which I would have to apply for. Here is the link I was reading off of (

If any one has some free time and could help educate me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.
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Hi EKC. Do you have a business entity for your farm? Many people form corporations or limited liability companies to own their farm assets. I do not know about Arizona law, but I will tell you what I know about Colorado. You will need to contact your Secy of State in AZ for Arizona answers. In Colorado a business must be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State in order to be incorporated. You do not have to incorporate to operate a business/farm. If you want to register a trade name without forming a corporation or LLC, you can do that in Colorado. However, Colorado offers no real trademark protection. Arizona may be different. In Colorado to obtain any trademark protection you must register your trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office, which can be time consuming and confusing. Here is a link to the USPTO website:

do not know about Arizona, but in Colorado a company must update their information annually for a small fee - $10 a year, in order to remain active. I am not sure if there is a recurring fee for a tradename without a company. I suggest that you call the Arizona Secretary of State office and ask them if you have to renew a tradename, and how long it stays active.

Good luck!
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It is the Secretary of State you need to go through. I am not sure what AZ offers, but here in CA we chose a Limited Liability Corporation. It has the least tax liabilities, the cheapest fees. However. First we had to find a domain name that we liked that was not taken, then we had to submit three different names to the state.

Our website is

We submitted: Northern Winds Ranch, Northern Winds Farm and Northern Winds Ranch and Farm. The company name is Northern Winds Ranch and Farm, so we snapped up the northern winds farm domain as well.

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Thanks for the information. I have done some research on the AZ state web page. From what it sounds like Colorado is roughly the same as AZ. We are going to register it ASAP so we can get a trademark. Then once we move into our actual house, just transfer the information over. Thanks again.
Basically you are naming the business rather than the property. You can call any property anything you want. It used to make a bigger difference when there were fewer landmarks, and when locals would need to give directions using landmarks, like farm names, trees, families, and so on. The name of the farm can be used as the business name, or you can use a completely different name for the business. I have listed many versions of my business name on my business license with the State. That way I can pick and choose what I use depending on what I am doing that day. I can run a cleaning, floral design, egg, produce, and or a Kite making business in the State. Mostly I just have the corner on the name Carbon Mountain. So if you can come up with as man variations of business opportunities, and then name them on your business license your better off. You can always add them later too. It the State of Washington, I am not charged anymore for the license with a dozen names on it than I would be for a business license with one name on it.

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