Question about reintroducing a hen to her flock

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    Nov 8, 2009
    We have a large coop with a nursery inside where the chicks and their mother have been locked up away from the other birds for awhile now. The other birds can see them so they aren't really strangers. the other day I noticed some odd behavior from the chicks who seemed afraid of the mother and wanted nothing to do with her. I thought " OK this is the sign I was waiting for time to let her out". She happily jumped out and hopped right inside one of the nest boxes and started clucking. I figured this was an added bonus as she is ready to start producing eggs. Checked on her several times during the day and at night as I was checking the food and water. She stayed in the nest all day brooding away, I did notice our rooster was strutting around in front of her trying to impress her. All seemed well. THEN.....
    This morning I found her huddled in a corner covered in muck with several wounds to the back of her neck. I quickly scooped her up and put her in a nice warm dog crate after giving her a warm bath with a wash cloth. Now the rooster I suspect of doing this to her is not her original mate. He is a rooster that was so docile and small that for a long time we thought he was a masculine hen. But he has since blossomed over the month and a half she was in the nursery. Has anyone else had a problem reintroducing a hen to the flock?
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