Question about rooster and perching order

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    Mar 31, 2017
    We put our 10 week old chickens out in the new coop and run a couple of weeks ago. We have 21 pullets and one rooster. There are three perches and of course everyone wants the top one. Usually all but two can fit on the top perch. The rooster was on the top one for about a week then we noticed he is now taking the the next one down from the top. I am wondering if this is to protect the hens or is he on the bottom of the pecking order. I read somewhere that the dominant chickens take the highest perch. He is going to have a rough life if all those hens are dominant over him [​IMG]
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    Most roosters will take up a position closest to the door in order to protect the flock. Hens will bicker over who gets to sleep next to him. You might want to redesign your roosts so everyone can get up the same height. In a ladder roost system birds will want to roost on the top roost mostly with some choosing the second one down.
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    Has nothing to do with either the things you mentioned,maybe the hens got the top roost before he could get to it.If the hens or a fe whens are higher in order,you will know.They will chase him and peck him if they are the higher ones.
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    At 10 weeks they are still babies....where they roost and the pecking order will change many times before they are all sexually mature(about 4 months for the cockerel and about 6 months for the pullets) and even after that, the RoostTimeRumble will ensue every night while prime roost positions are jockeyed and fought for.

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