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  1. Taterrtots

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    May 21, 2015
    Still learning here, I noticed my Rooster (10 months old) has had some odd looking marks on his comb. He has been our only Rooster for a few months (we originally had 4). When I first noticed it, I thought he might have cut his comb outside or been in a fight but now I'm not sure. We have had some cold temps around here and their coop does have some areas where cold air could have come in. Is this frostbite or something else? Any and all help would be appreciated. [​IMG]

    I was also wondering about his feet. Is that normal to have the different coloring on them?[​IMG] TYIA[​IMG]
  2. MChicken1303

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    Jul 29, 2015
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    His feet are definitely cold. Do they walk in the snow? His comb might be from a chicken pecking it or from it freezing when it gets wet.
  3. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    His feet look normal to me, since depending on the leg color of the chicken, fertile hens and roosters can have that pink coloring between the toes. The comb appears to have been pecked. The only questionable area in the front points of the comb that could have a bit of frostbite or peck marks.
  4. Taterrtots

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    May 21, 2015
    Thanks so much for responding. No snow here, we had some freezing temps and frost on the ground but not for an extended time. I'm really relieved that it looks like frostbite or pecking instead of fowl pox. As a new chicken owner, I was anxious and will continue to watch my rooster and hens. I appreciate your opinions.
  5. enola

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    Freezing weather combined with an improperly ventilated coop ca easily cause frostbite.
  6. junebuggena

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    Apr 17, 2015
    Long Beach, WA
    The red on the feet can be caused by hormones.

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