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    Feb 15, 2011
    We are completing our coop, we live in the woods, every kind of predator there is, we have a 4' farm fencing 2x4" spacing that we are going to cover with chcken wire and raise up a couple more feet, maybe 6'. the problem is that because the run has some trees in it,, some very small , don't mind cutting them down, but a couple of nice ones that I don't want to cut. so I have been looking at netting which is expensive and would have to be cut? I guess, around the tree somehow. The area is 30'x30'. Some netting I've looked at is "heavy duty knotted, and can chose between 1" openings and 2" openings, the 2" is $179. for a 50'x50', the 1" is I think $269. One, is this my best choice ( we have hawks too) and second would I need the 2" or 1"? Thanks for the help
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    We also live in the woods and we actually covered the top with lattice, and then stapled nylon bird netting on top of that. The lattice can be cut pretty easily, and the bird netting is very easy to work with. Also, it keeps leaves out of the run, and the hawks cannot really see the chickens, and the untreated lattice is very bright, tends to keep them away too.
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