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    Aug 30, 2009
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    First off, never in my life have I seen so many flies around a chicken run. The birds have been in it for 2 days. I think it's because no one but me picks up after their dogs in this whole neighborhood, the flies caught a whiff of chicken poo, and came flying over. There isn't a farm for MILES, this is suburbia.

    Sand dries out the poo, decreases odor, and thus flies then too, right?

    But how do you clean it? Like a giant litter box?

    And how about fly control? This is insane.
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    We have used sand in our coop and the run for a few years now. There are times we completely remove it and replace it with new sand, but the general maintenance is just to rake and shovel the yucky stuff out. It can get a tad sloppy in heavy rain, but other than that, we like it a lot. We never have odor issues, so maybe the sand does help with that. ;o)

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