Question about Sebs mating habits...???

Discussion in 'Geese' started by JordanFamily, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I have a female that is getting groomed and followed around by my two males... I only have two males and two females.... Well will they both mate with her or will only one of them get to her? Or is it the first to get to her is the only one she will ever be with??? And my other female just stays to herself and they ignore her, so will either male ever get with her??? What are your thought Seb breeders?????
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    This is a question that is easily answered right here and now. Don't know. Now, that's not meant to be "smart' but since we are dealing with geese who develop pair bonds as a rule and have their own way of dong things the safest and most accurate answer is that we will know how the four of them work it out after it happens. They are not like chickens and are not going to breed just because they have the chance. There's so much that plays into all of that with geese. Sometimes it's so easy it's ridiculous and other times it's like "well, just what or who do you want?". I'll hazard a guess and say that you may very likely get fertile eggs from both females though how that happens will depend partly on the ganders and their mindset. Just hope that those two don't get so concerned with being each other's rivals that neither of them breeds anybody. It's an unfortunate possibility. [​IMG]
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