Question about separating and intergrating the new chicks.


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6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
So this is my situation.

I currently have 4 Hens. All 1 year old

1 Buff Orph,
1 Jersey Giant
1 Spec Sux
1 light Brama)

My Friend has 4 new chicks at this point they are 2 weeks old.

2 Buff Orph
2 Dixie Rainbows

A few months ago I place an online order for 4 new chicks.

2 Easter Eggers
1 Dominique
1 Olive Egger

My friend wanted an Easter Egger so we decided to split the order. Ill keep one EE and the Dom and she will take one EE and the Olive Egger

Now that you have the background here is my question.

When should we split them up the new chicks so she can take hers. I have no problem raising them until whenever but im not sure when she should introduce the new chicks to her 2 week old chicks.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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