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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lac1975, Aug 1, 2011.

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    May 22, 2011
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    I have a duck that is a little over a year old now. She has attempted to hatch several clutches of eggs to no avail. My drakes had gotten killed by, I am assuming, coyotes last Nov/Dec. Therefore, eggs aren't fertilized... Unless the wild mallards that frequent the tanks have come into my yard which I seriously doubt. I had intended to get some hatching eggs and put under her and replace the ones she laid, but she started sitting before I could get them and it was too late. My question is if I were to get some day old ducklings and put them under her, would she accept them? I just feel so bad for her and would love to see her be a mother finally. I think she would do an awesome job.
    If anyone can help I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!
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    Good question, and really tough to answer!

    I have read a number of posts on BYC and mothering instincts are not a given, even with ducks that have hatched their own!

    So that could mean that she's just got some strong setting hormones, but may not have the nurturing instinct. If that's the case, and you got some ducklings, you'd need to 1) protect them while seeing if she takes to them 2) be prepared to immediately brood them yourself.

    What do you feel about that possibility?

    By the way, I have wondered the same thing about my three runners who go broody. They are so determined to hatch those blanks. I gave them some wooden eggs, thinking it might help. Generally, they go their 28 days and then walk away, don't seem to mind that there are no ducklings underfoot.
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    Well with a broody chicken you would put the chicks under her when she was sleeping at night so when she gets up in the morning she finds lil ones under her and thinks that they hatched when she was asleep, but ducks don’t really sleep like chickens do (at least mine don’t) they get up when you come in the pen and never stay put if you disturb them during the night, so I would assume putting ducklings under the duck would be very hard to do (with her awake and running around), it may not work as well as putting them under a chicken (if at all).
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    Quote:You make good sense. if she is isolated from the rest of the flock I would just sneak in a duckling who most likely will take off for the duck. you should be able to judge from the duck's reaction if she will mother it or not (have a back up plan for the ducklings0 If she takes to one she will usually accept more, ducks are not great at counting.

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