question about splayed leg???

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    We got such a bad bunch of chicks this time!!! first we got one with cross beak now we have one with what seems to be splayed leg. I read all about what to do to correct it but i can't find anything on how old is to old to try to correct it. she is about 4 weeks now. Is that to old to try and correct it? Or should we (by we I mean my husband) just go ahead and save her the hurt and us the heart ache and send her to the big coop in the sky?
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    It depends. 4 weeks seems a little too old to correct it if she has had it since she was a chick. If it is something that you have just noticed, it is more than likely not splayed leg. I had a rooster that as he got to be about 2 weeks his hock started twisting an jutting out at an odd angle. We let him live until it was obvious that he was having trouble getting around. We figured as long as he was eating and drinking that there was no reason to cull him. I think he was about 3 mos old when we finally did it.

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