???question about the feed i am using???

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    Hello to all.
    My question is about feed.
    I have 6 hens and a roo born in April that eat Nutrena Naure Wise layer feed (Crumble)
    I got 6 Americana hens about a bout or so ago that were fed Dumor Layer (Crumble)
    And I just got 4 hens and 3 turkeys that are on Purina Layena (pellet)

    Since i was given a bag of food with each of my 2 new sets of chicks, I wasnÂ’t really sure how to feed them.
    While they were separated in the coop, I fed them what I was given with them, but now they are all living together (And VERY happy with little to no fighting or pecking)
    I have been mixing all the feeds together equally. Now I am getting low on feed and ready to go buy more.

    My question is what should I do?
    Should i continue to mix the feed? (Which is becoming a hassle)
    Or should I just stick to 1 feed?
    Pellets or crumble?
    And of the 3 feeds that I named, which one would the EXPERTS suggest that I use?
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    Your Choices....

    Crumbles are easily eaten by any age/size bird.
    Pellets not as much waste.

    I am not familiar with the last 2 but if it was me, I would look at the protein
    content in each & decide....

    Nutrena Naure Wise layer feed (Crumble) 16%-18%
    Dumor Layer (Crumble) ?
    Purina Layena (pellet) ?

    ETA: that is the way I see your choices....

    I personally feed different feeds at different times of the year....
    18% protein in summer + free Ranging for greens & bugs.
    20+ % protein in winter + Scratch grains & greens.

    I use a flock/Gamerbird grower/raiser and Nutrena Layer , mixed about 50/50
    Oyster Shell and grit free choice
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