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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by confusedbanti, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. confusedbanti

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    Nov 5, 2010
    I have a question : At what age does a Chick go up on the Roost ? The Chicks 5 girls (hamburgs) are about 6-8 Weeks , Gordon the Rooster is a bid older. Gordon went up on the Roost by himself about 3 days ago [​IMG]
    The Girls are sleeping in the corner of the coop on the Floor! I have been putting them up there for the last 3 nights. Will they go up there by them self at some point ? Also they do not eat any Lettuce, cottage cheese or other treats [​IMG] only the starter food. Is all of that normal ?
    Thank you for any advise
  2. dickhorstman

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    Dec 8, 2009
    Keep putting them on the roost. They will get the idea someday.
  3. Roddy Chicken Ranch

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    Dec 28, 2011
    I have some babies that are about 6 weeks old and they have not gone up on the roost yet at night. I have watched them play on the roost during the day, but all of my chickens have eventually gone to the roost.
  4. azygous

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    Dec 11, 2009
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    A week before I planned to move my four newest chicks out to the coop, I began placing them on their brooder roost right before dark. It took a few nights until they would remain on the roost instead of hopping right off. Each time they hopped off, I placed them back on.

    It helps to do this when it's almost dark, and they usually would rather remain where they are when they can't see very well. It just took a week, and they were roosting on their own just as they made the move to the coop at age six weeks.

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