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    Hello. I'm not totally sure if this the correct forum to put this in, but it seemed to fit best.
    I am soon going to be getting a shipment of chicks from McMurray Hatchery, including two Turken hens. I noticed on their website it said that "We have purposely kept our Turken flocks mixed in color (including silver) for a more colorful and distinctive offspring."
    So I was wondering if anyone else here has gotten Turkens from McMurray, and what color their feathers were? It's not totally important, I was just curious what some other people's Turkens turned out looking like, so I can try to guess at what the ones I'm getting might end up colored like. Pictures would be awesome!

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    I got 3 from them last spring all were red, 2 roo 1 hen my dad killed 1 of the roo for meat and we might kill the other one for meat (sorry I don't wanna post pics of deceased or going to be deceased, it makes me feel bad. Here's 1 hen.

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  3. DavidILoveYou22

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    Oh, she's beautifu! Well, as beautiful as Turkens can be... although they are, like Guinea Fowl, gorgeous in their own way. That's too bad the roo got killed for meat, I don't have a real problem with chickens being used for meat and even plan on getting some myself, but Turkens are just so adorable... I don't think I'm ever going to use one of them for meat unless I have to for some odd reason.
    Thank you for the pics!
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    I have a Buff and a Black Turken I got in their Brown Egg Layer Assortment 2 years ago. The Buff is the friendliest hen I have. I just love them, they're so fun. [​IMG] I know you will love them!
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  5. DavidILoveYou22

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    Ooh, a black Turken sounds so pretty. And I already love them even without having met one before, they're so unique and awesome looking!
  6. Kev

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    The (huge) majority of hatchery turkens are buff or reddish with black tails. Blacks seem to be second most common. A few others have turned out buff mottled(beautiful I think)... a very few turn out white with black tails.

    They are all wonderful birds. My first turken was from McMurray and was named.... McMurray(she was the only chick that got a name). I absolutely loved her and it's because of her my chicken flock is almost all turkens/naked necked. McMurray was a light buff with a black tail.
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  7. DavidILoveYou22

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    Wow, those all sound so beautiful. Well, thank you all, now I can try to guess what color my two will be! I just can't wait for them to arrive... :)
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    Sep 16, 2011
    I have some arriving in two weeks too, I went ahead and took the plunge to order 25 pullets. I love the ones I have now they have been the best layers and have the most wonderful personalities!
  9. DavidILoveYou22

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    Wow! 25? I would probably order that many if I had the room to keep them, and if my mom would let me. As for their personality, I hope mine turn out to be nice, we seem to have the worst luck with birds when it comes to their additudes. We had a guinea rooster who would attack us viciously, which was supposedly "unheard of" and a Wyandotte hen who did the same. Not a rooster, but a hen! She sure acted like a roo though, that's why her name was David (We didn't learn she was a she until it was too late).

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