Question about Vaccination of my new chicks coming in April

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mmtillman, Mar 1, 2009.

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    I just ordered 25 chicks , all large breed from Cackle and they will arrive in April. The lady at the MFA feed store, whom I ordered from, said not to get the vaccinations that Cackle offered, said she never did for her chicks and that they were healthy. She told me when I pick up the chicks , that she will show me then, what I need to buy for them at that time...said it is an RX that you put in their water. She said she would show me how to do it then. Is this a wise decision on my part?? I have never ordered chicks before and this lady said she had never had sick birds, ever. So I welcome any advice. Since my chicks dont arrive till April I can always change my order to include the shots if I need to . Thanks in advance!! [​IMG]
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    I would not get them vaccinated. It isn't necessary to give them medicine unless they are sick. Chick starter feed is medicated to prevent coddiosis. Maybe she wants you to give them some sort of vitamin packet.
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    I always safe, be safe, not sorry.
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    I don't have advice but Cackle's offered treatment is for Marek's disease.
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    I ordered 20 chicks from Cackle last May (5 buttercup, 5 black sex link, and 10 BR). I didn't have them vaccinated. They are all healthy now! They started laying at about 19 weeks. Since then, a dozen eggs a day on average.
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    Vaccinating for Marekʻs disease is like getting a polio shot. It introduces dead Marekʻs cells and causes the chick to build up an immunity. Iʻve never lost a chick due to it being vaccinated. But like polio, an outbreak is catastrophic and unexpected and can wipe out your entire flock.

    $ .10 per chick is cheap insurance.
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    I would get them vaccinated. The price for vaccination is cheap. Much better than seeing your chicks die and knowing it could have been prevented.

    I don't understand why folks don't get their chicks vaccinated for Mareks. If they had a pet dog... would they say the chance of them getting rabies or distemper is 'small' so I'm not going to do it? If you care for your animals it can't hurt to take preventative precautions.
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    I get my hatchery peeps vaccinated and I vaccinate the peeps I hatch myself (for Marek's Disease, that is).

    It has to be done within the first 24 hours, so the feed store lady must be mistaken about something.

    Best of luck to ya!

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