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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Audsrose, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Mar 1, 2011
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    I am new here and going to be new to the wonderful life of raising chicks. I have 6 ordered that will be coming in April. Until then I have been reading and reading and following alot of your posts on here to fill myself with knowledge. I have not come across an article on water. I have read that it has to be changed and refreshed every day which is fine, but my questions concerns the quality of water.

    City water has chlorine, flouride all those additives. We are on a cistern which is considered potable water but still could contain the additives as it is hauled in from the City. My husband is concerned about the cistern water as it is sitting in the tank for such long periods and might not be considered fresh.

    What about rain water? What about bottled spring water? I am only getting 6 chicks so I am not feeding or watering a huge flock, but I want to make sure they do stay healthy.

    Thank you so much, this board is wonderful and I am learning so much
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    Fresh water (on BYC) simply means clean water...without poo, bedding, mud, etc. in it [​IMG] If you'd drink the water, then it's certainly good enough for your chickens, dogs, etc.
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    [​IMG] from Ga. I agree with the post above. If you drink it give it to the chickens. Good luck. And enjoy them.
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    Quote:I agree. However. I use my well water for all my animals. It has a tan tint and smells slightly of mud and rotten eggs. But I had it tested and there's no bacteria or chemicals. Just a lot if tannins and minerals. I've had a drink or two out if the hose on a hot summer day. It's not something I want to drink regularly. But it's cheaper than city water.
    However. All my chicks get my house water. It's treated well water that goes through tannin. Carbon. And green sand filters. Then goes through a water softener. They get that for 3 weeks. Then half house half well for three weeks. Then they go outside into a chick tractor and they're on well water from then on.
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    The cistern water will be fine. So would the bottled water. I would be leary of the rain water. You might want to check into electrolytes(quick chic) and apple cider vinegar as additives. Both can be very beneficial. If you are still concerned you could always filter the water, but I don't think it is needed.........
  6. Water for livestock should normally be the quality of water you would drink. It isn't that easy to keep cistern water free of bacteria, bird poop, etc, and if you treat it, you're just about back to the same issues you might have with city water. Animals indeed drink from water collectors, puddles and such, but as a general husbandry principle, their water should be as clean as the water you would drink.
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    Mar 1, 2011
    Ancaster, Ontario
    Thank you all so much, this helps enormously. My husband was concerned that if the water was not the best that the impurities would be passed through to the eggs and then we would ingest them. By what I have read about their food diets, the water seems to be the least of my worries. [​IMG]
  8. Thanks for all the postings! Even though I didn't post the topic, this has really helped me!
  9. [​IMG] to both of you newbies!

    I put acid cider vinegar or the easy way to it:ACV
  10. Quote:Thank you![​IMG]

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