Question about what to do now with one hen =(

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    May 15, 2008
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    Hi everyone,

    I wasn't sure where to post this so if this is the wrong place, I hope someone can move it to the correct place...

    The other day we found Tallulah on the bottom of the coop, her face in the dirt, making strange noises. By noon the next day, she had passed away. [​IMG] I'm heartbroken. Chick-Chick died due to suspicious circumstances a couple of years ago - broken neck probably by someone hitting her with a stick - and now Tallulah is gone, most likely b/c of a head injury from a fall or flight we missed.

    I feel like a failure. After raising these hens from chick time, their first months in the house then outside...all that cheeping & laughing & enjoying their personalities...they end up not living a long, happy life. [​IMG]

    My question is about Sienna. She's Tallulah's sister from the same batch. They've been together since hatching & now Sienna's by herself. Uma is still indoors b/c there's nowhere to put her outside that she can't fly out of & Sienna will attack her. Will Sienna die of loneliness? She's 3 years old. I don't have the time to introduce another hen to her. Any advice is welcome...ty.
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    I am so sorry you have lost your hens. [​IMG] I have lost lost birds too young as well. I just try to think about the quality of life they had in their short time with us.

    I'm not sure how you wouldn't have time to introduce a new hen. I had read adding new hens was a long drawn out process but I found that mine were ok after about 15 minutes together. There was a little pecking, a little chasing, a lot of panicked screams and then.....they ate...and ate some more. [​IMG] I have added three new hens to the pen over the last couple of months with no problems.
  3. chicknhawaii

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    May 15, 2008
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    Thank you for your reply. We tried to get Sienna and Uma to hang out together but Sienna wouldn't have it. Now Sienna is gone too though...[​IMG]
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    When I was down to two hens, I bought 4 new pullets. I waited until the new ones were about the same size as my older hens. Then introduced them... Oh Goodness! It was a very interesting time! One of the older hens, the Head Hen, was a real pill! I used to go in the pen with them and supervixe! It has been over a year now, and they are all fine. Everyone survived. But for a few days I wondered if they would get along ok.

    I have six hens, two barred rocks, two EEs, and two Red Sex links.

    One thing I have noticed, the old saying "Birds of a feather, flock together." Is a true saying.
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    Chickens are flock animals, so they really shouldn't be kept alone. They can get rather neurotic if they are isolated, though I've read some have had success doing it anyway. Still, I'd bring in at least one other bird and not keep them in fewer than pairs. Not saying it'll be easy or a fast process since chickens are so dratted territorial and quick to temper when a they see a new bird in THEIR area, but if you introduce slowly and in a manner that keeps them separate but within scent/site of each other for a time, it'll work itself out in the end.

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