Question about white feathers showing up all over my BCM rooster


Dec 24, 2010
Bandera, Texas
I have a question about my BCM young rooster (7 months). We just had several severe freezes and he seems to have developed several white feather episodes. Since I am a newbie about chickens/Marans (I have alot of younger ones that I will need to cull for quality), I need to learn about feather color/issues. Can anyone tell me if the white feathers are from the freezes or something that will stay with him? thanks in advance....



Also, since he couldn't bother to stand up to have his picture taken, can someone tell me if he seems to be a decent candidate for breeding?
It is genetic and is indeed a color defect. I'd cull him if you want good Marans in terms of the proposed standard. He looks a lot like a Davis line cockerel I had to finally give up a while ago. Was a decent guy, but had some white in the tail, and I'm tired of seeing it pop up so commonly, so I got rid of him and his relatives. Gotta cull hard to get the good stuff.
The white will get more pronounced with every moult. His tail will be half white by the time he is three, I predict. If you don't care about show type, and just want dark eggs, I'd say use him if you don't have another rooster, but get ready to see a lot of white keep cropping up in your pens.
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the younger roosters I have are also from the Davis line so I am not feeling great about this now.

I will have to wait and see.... thanks again
I would say that if these white feathers just popped up at the age of 7 mos. then he will mostly likely keep them as Illia and Onthespot stated.
But will add that white feathers can also happen from an injury or damaged folicle. Sometimes these damaged or injured feathers can grow back in normal, so it's not always genetic, but usually is for the most part.
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