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why exactly is there a withdrawal period after you worm your birds? i don't think i've ever heard anything as to why you need to wait to eat the eggs.does it worm you too?
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You dont want to eat eggs nor the meat after worming because the wormer is a poison, it either paralyzes or kills. Furthermore, if there's a worm infestation,it's possible a worm(s) could be transmitted through and into the eggs (yuck.)
never thought about that, but wouldn't the worms be forced out through the digestive system?
If there's an infestion, yes,they'd be expelled in their stool. If it's not an infestation,the worms would be absorbed and dissolved as protein in their system. Your goal is not to let it get to the point of infestation. Worms weaken their systems by sapping their strength causing weakness,lethargy etc... which opens the door for other illnesses. I worm mine twice a year, 1st with wazine then 2 weeks later I use ivermectin pour on. Then 6 months later I use wazine,wait 2 weeks then use safeguard. I rotate like that to avoid worm immunity to the wormers.
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I used safeguard paste. I put a small pea size on a small piece of bread and gave it to the chicken. I had to do it to all 18 chickens, a little time consuming because I had to catch each chicken and give it to them lol. I hope you already wormed them with wazine first,at least 10 days ago.
Yes JustinR. Wazine is a mild wormer that only paralyzes roundworms. Since chickens have many diffrent kinds of worms,especially if they free range, you dont want to use ivermectin or safeguard first because they kill all those different type of worms (except tapeworms.) The overload of dead worms in the chickens system will poison and kill the chicken. Using wazine first gets rid of one type, roundworm, reducing the wormload in the chicken. Then in 10-14 days use ivermectin or safeguard to kill roundworm larva that have grown from eggs in the chickens system since the wazine usage. The ivermectin and safeguard will not only kill the roundworm larva, they also kill gapeworm and several other types of worms. I use ivermectin pour on, it not only kills all those worms, but it also kills lice and mites on chickens. Remember, ivermectin and safeguard are off label and used for cattle, horses,goats. For tapeworms I use valbazen for sheep or goats or zimectrin gold for horses can be used. I prefer the valbazen.

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