question and broody hens


11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
Lafayette, Louisiana
I have a hen that week before last started showing signs of going broody . So after about 8 days of her constantly staying on the nest , I put her 8 eggs under her ..

Only thing is , MY last broody hen , when I would touch her , she felt EXTRA SUPER HOT temp. wise on the breast area , and this one does not seem to have that hot temperature feeling to me . DOES IT MATTER ? She seemed bound and determined to SET on these eggs tho .
I have a very broody silkie right now and i know what you mean about the very hot humid underside---of her breast.

Could she be leaning toward the back a bit more than the front?

Hmm, what is she nesting on?
If she is not breast down on the pine, but 8 eggs, that will account for some heat loss.
Good luck and keep us posted. An idea, can you candle to see how things are going?
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