Question!!! Chick feathering concern!


7 Years
Mar 29, 2014
So I am wondering a couple things? First, the eggs I ordered from eBay were silkies but she also had photos of a sizzle, frizzle, and satins I believe. So my first question is, a couple of my chicks primary’s are sticking out. Is this just normal feather growth, possible angel wing, or just that it may have a frizzle gene? I’m thinking the black and grey are satins, (and possible cockerels), the white showgirl, cream chick, and mini showgirl partridge are silkie? And about that little partridge... she was in a smaller egg than anyone but still hatched right along with her siblings. She is so tiny! Has a naked neck and is the LOUDEST of the bunch. Everyone has tail feathers growing in and she is still mostly a fluff ball... thank you in advance guys! Never dealt with the possibility of different feathering types. The adult birds are the photos of the breeders birds, who I got these guys from. 52CA1F59-E18E-4F41-B179-150BD40C4E9F.png 0AE9CD3E-F8B6-4A38-A76B-4969351862D3.png B01005C8-4A3E-428E-A866-E469E1C71969.png 7388D536-823C-4315-BAC7-83B8695FF919.png 993D9F25-7C49-4305-B6F8-B43ACADA6DD8.png 7A7A17E9-9BC9-4260-9966-7BC9A9DC9095.png 90749588-C557-4D2B-B023-FF22CDDCD872.png B998683A-E8A0-407A-9DB8-949C9832A3B0.jpeg 75D55D8A-8096-47B4-9ED5-FD9CF7540A94.jpeg 5B619EC4-3B73-4CAF-AFD3-B4235C7A68E0.jpeg D262B819-0814-4C7C-BFB7-F9AB27E93341.jpeg 93A9187C-37C8-4D96-8C18-EE72783EA806.jpeg 0E5570E3-486C-4C98-9A42-19759AF6E1A2.jpeg 9D9555E0-7706-44EA-BA9B-2CEA79CA5EE0.jpeg B4CD5140-3DBA-439D-BA67-04E621359B51.jpeg E3CA4927-1F6C-461E-B8D8-2727178555F7.jpeg 3CF9CB6E-FC2F-419B-81FD-4051F3C13137.jpeg 93819CEB-3FA1-4783-8622-501F001D942E.jpeg 7E49F192-BA5E-4D80-8EAB-67B7ACE6F14A.jpeg

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