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    While doing some research on another site, I ran across this question which had been asked: "Does a chicken need a rooster to fertilize each and every egg." Two very different answers were given. Answer #1 was "yes..." This was the second answer:

    The rooster does not need to fertilize the hen everyday. The rooster deposits a sperm cluster or sac when mating. The sperm live inside the female reproductive system and each time an ovulation occurs (every 24-26 hours in good egg producers) the egg can become fertile. This process continues and matings at 7 - 10 day intervals are necessary to maintain fertility. The rooster does not need to fertilize the hen everyday.

    Which is correct?​
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    Both!! The rooster must fertilize each and every egg but they don't have to breed the hen every day to do this which is explained in the next answer.

    That is why if all of your chickens are running together and you want pures you have to seperate them and wait 2 to 3 weeks before the eggs aren't "tainted" from the other roosters.

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