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    Hello. I have a rather expensive small flock of birds (wyandottes) in one coop on my property. They are 8 months old and there were 7 of them, 2 roosters 5 hens. When I first received them they were stressed due to shipping in July, I gave them B vitamins and electrolytes and they seemed fine for months.

    One of the roosters started staggering around when he was about 6 months old. I isolated, gave him the same b's and electrolytes and he started to walk again and I reintroduced to the others. He was a bit skinny but otherwise seemed ok. 2 weeks ago he went down, I isolated again and found him dead the next morning.

    Over the past month two of the hens have had poopy butts, but I do not recall this being a problem with the roo that died. This morning one of the poopy hens is staggering. She is now isolated.

    I am treating as of today with the b's, electrolytes, apple cider vinegar and probiotics.

    I have other birds right next to them with no one looking sick. They coop they are in housed other birds that were moved, and those birds are not sick. No one else but these guys.

    I have noticed they do not want to sit on perches, is this because the have a problem or is the floor sleeping causing a problem? They also have free roaming of the backyard and the others do not, is there something in the back yard? I have only gotten 3 eggs from this group ever but know they are slow to mature.

    They are from a reputable farm and I was told they were vaccinated for Marek's. And again no one else has these symptoms...

    Ideas? And thank you, Gina
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    Sorry that you are having so much trouble with these birds. I would get a necropsy by your state vet if you should lose another bird or decide to cull one. Sometimes state vets will do 2or 3 birds for the same price to look for a seeious illness. Mareks is best tested for after the chicken is dead, since they have to test feather shafts or rumors found. Mareks vaccine is effective when chicks are kept free of any dander or feather dust of affected birds for for at least 2-3 weeks. The vaccine is also not 100% effective, and even though it helps the birds not get the paralysis of Mareks, they still get the disease and are carriers, at least from what I have read. Also many claim the vaccines given by hatcheries are better than what a breeder or most of us can buy online. There could be poor genetics in these chickens, or they could be suffering from another disease. There are so many viruses and chicken diseases. Avian leukosis is fairly common, and as with Mareks, it can affect the immunity. Most of us can only get droppings checked by our vets for worms, cocci, or sometimes enteritis. Other diseases most are diagnosed with a necropsy. I think you are doing about all that you can with the vitamins, good food, and probiotics. You may want to consult with a nearby agricultural college by email to ask some questions.

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