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    May 13, 2010
    I have some banty cochins I want to breed. Here are the colors I have right now...

    Blue splash roo
    Blue hen
    Black (blue)Roo
    Black (blue)hen
    2 black frizzles

    1 pair of whites
    1 Red roo

    I have the whites together, and the blues and blacks together, and the poor red roo is alone right now.
    My question is, who would y'all put together for breeding? They are all hatchery quality, so for pets, not show.
    What would I get crossing the Red roo I have with some of the hens?
    From what I am reading on here I should separate the frizzle hens from the Blues since they are actually "Black Cochins" and not Blues.
    Basically, I got 1 pair that is blue in color, (one is splash and one is all blue).I got one pair of black "blues".

    I really like the Blues so I want to breed those but the blue blacks are ok as well.Do people generally purchase mixed colors?
    What color would I get if I crossed the Red roo with the Black frizzle girls?

    Thanks for any help [​IMG] Don't know what I'd do without this site!

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