Question for Saxony Duck keepers.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by RAREROO, Feb 1, 2011.


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    I am wanting to add Saxony Ducks soon becuase I like the looks of them and they they are similarly colored to the female buffs that I have that I have gotten from TSC and these buffs are EXCELLENT broodies and if I got Saxonies i would want them to be good broodies too, or Id just stick with the Buffs. So I'd like to get some feed back on the broodiness of Saxonies from those of you who have them. Also if any of you will have any pure Saxony eggs to sell later on, please let me know.

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    A friend of mine got his saxony ducks from Holderreads and they are gorgeous... Good egg layers but not sure of broodiness. Hens are that deep rich caramel and the males have such nice coloring to them. Go check out their website and get yourself some......[​IMG]

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