Question for Spamee34 Weird air cell and what to do

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Fudgie, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Got a message from spamee34: Someone else add some info for them please.

    Sorry to bother U but I can't figure out how to post a message and I am 8 days away from my chicks hatching. I candled them last night and one egg has the air bubble to the side of the egg I am wondering do I have to position the egg to accomadate the weird shaped air bubble or just lay in correct position as the others? I hope u can answer this or if possible tell me who can , again I am so sorry . spamee

    Spamee, first of all [​IMG] glad to see you here.

    Second here is my suggestion:
    I would just lay it on the side with the air bubble up. that way when it pips you can watch it. I have had some hatch by pipping at the small end of the egg and in the middle and at the big end so keep your fingers crossed. It will do fine. Was the egg a duck egg by any chance. All our duck eggs have an air cell that looks like a bell shape. They hatch fine. later on I will try to help you post a new question on the forum! Thanks for asking me!


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