question from a new duck momma


In the Brooder
5 Years
Mar 26, 2014
so i was just wondering here--
my ducks seem to shed, not feathers, but it seems more like dry skin? their like little flakes they leave behind wherever they sit. what causes this? and is there something i need to do to prevent it or is it just a natural thing?
I found that as my ducklings' feathers started to come in, as they come up through the skin they are covered in what looked like blue straws. That straw material would flake apart as the feather developed, leaving little tiny flakes everywhere. I would let them play in water once a day (warm water, about the temperature of the brooder, and only up to their tummies, and never left alone). Between the feather straw flakes and crumbles and poo, they needed a little wash-up regularly.

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