Question from Nepal - where cows & bulls are sacred

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    Greetings/Namaste from Nepal:

    Nepal is primarily a Hindu nation and as such, there are cows and bulls running around all over (if you accidentally kill a cow, for example, you will be put in jail for a longer period than if you killed someone). I wanted to provide some context for my question.

    On my street, there is a baby bull that seems to be slowly starving to death. Since it is a bull, it is still sacred, but won't provide the milk a cow does. As such, I believe it was taken from its mother too early. I bought a couple of pounds of corn meal (crushed corn, like a powder), mixed it with water and it ate it all. Its tongue is yellow, you can see it's ribs and when I scratch its neck, fur comes right out of its skin. It is pretty sad. I cannot keep it, but would continue feeding it if I can. I gave it an apple and though he put it in its mouth, it wouldn't crunch it up and eat it . . . which again leads me to believe that it just recently was weaned.

    Any suggestions? I know when it gets bigger it'll become mean. However, at this rate, it won't make it much longer without food or whatever. How much does a baby bull eat a day? Will a couple of pounds of ground corn suffice? I can buy 2.2 pounds for 50 cents.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    Hi there,
    So.........I googled your question and the nearest I can come up with is this: a cow/bull will eat 2 -3 % of it's bodyweight/day in dry stuff (hay etc.) also needs lots of water. I don't know how big your animal is, but it's going to take a lot of food to bring it back to health. Likely it needs vitamin supplements also. Any chance of getting some mothers milk for it?? Can you keep it? Good luck with your humanitarian mission - we will offer up prayers for you........[​IMG]
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    I have always heard how sacred they are there. It seems like with that being so, that you would be able to get permision to be able to keep it in order to save it. (or at least try)! Best of luck to you!
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    Awwww thats so sad, I admire you trying to help him. Good Luck

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