Question: Genesis 1588 users


13 Years
May 30, 2007
Okay, so it's almost time for me to fire up the bators and I'm asking can I improve my hatch rate over last year? So, I figured I'd see if I can get some feedback from my fellow Genesis users.

Red plugs.........IN or OUT during days 1-18?
Red plugs.........IN or OUT days 19+?

Humidity days 1-18? ( I typically shoot for 30%)
Humidity days 19+? ( I usually try for around 60% at the start of hatch.)

Any Genesis tips which improved your hatch rate?
I leave my plugs in the entire time during day1-18 and at lock down!
Ya know this last time i didnt pay to much to the humidity during the 1-18 days i just never let it get above 30 and at lock down i had it at 60-70% humidity sometimes during my 1-18 days my humidity got down to 10% well about each day it did and i actually had my best hatch rate ever i had 100% on shipped eggs but when i went into lock down i kept it up there at least 60% all the way up to 70% humidity at all times!

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