Question: If your hubby says....


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Nov 9, 2007
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that he hates chickens and in particular thinks turkens are hideous looking, but then you catch him taking a pic of your black turken chick with his cell phone (to send to his DD), what does that mean?

And if he says you should name your black turken "Ringo", as in the Beatles, what does that mean?
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Sounds like my Dad who said he hated cats but after a while, he was holding him and calling him Noopy. I think he was more upset when the kitty died than we were.

Your husband is crazy for thinking turkens are hideous looking. I think they are so adorable and they are absolutely my favorite chicken although my little delaware chicks are my next favorite.
no offence to people, but i think turkens are hideous looking too.

It means you slowly have a chicken addict on your hands! next year he will be the one saying "lets get more!!" lol
It sounds as if you are making headway my friend...LOL Before long he might even be asking for some chicken diapers cause he wants a "shoulder buddy" but not the poop that is usually involved.

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