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    If I have (for example) Jersey Giants, in Black, Blue, Splash, and maybe even white.... Can I breed them all in the same pen, and they are still "pure Jersey Giants?" Or, do you divide them up, by colors, for breeding purposes?

    Same question with Marans (not Cuckoo Marans), ie: Black Copper Marans, Blue, Splash, Birchen. Do they all need to be bred only to their specific color of breed?

    And Silkies, the same question .... separate by color, for breeding?

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    In my opinion Jersey Giants would be OK as they are all based on the same 'e' series gene, but I would prefer to keep the Whites separate.
    They would all still be Giants.

    Whilst both Black Copper & Birchen are based on the Birchen gene, the presence of the sex linked gold & silver allelles will give you split cockerels that will not breed true,
    Blue & Splash (like Black) are based on a different 'e' allele to the birchen based birds. Mixing them will only make mutt Marans variety crosses.

    The Silkies, these can be/are also based on a lot of different genomes, they are better kept separate.
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    Quote:OK, see if I have this correct. There is no same answer for chickens, as all breeds will be different, as far as purity? Meaning, silkies should be seperated by color, to be pure and to maintain their color. Jerseys (except white) can all breed together, and remain pure. Different Marans need to stay with their specific Marans breed. Correct?

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    Yes that sounds correct, If you had Black, Blue, and Splash Giants all in the same pen, you would hatch Black, Blue, and Splash Giants, the percentages of the BBS colors produced will depend on what color the breeders are.

    If you had Black Coppers and Blue Coppers together, that would be fine, you would still hatch Black Coppers and Blue Coppers. The solid blues and solid Splashes could be kept together and produce Blues and Splashes but it really should'nt be done because the blues that are produced from a BlueXSplash cross will lose color and be lighter than they should be. But the Silver Birchen should should be kept separate.

    In the Silkies, again the BBS colors can be kept together and produce BBS, but all other varieties should be kept separate if you want them to breed true.
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    I'd say the offspring are still Jerseys, Marams, and Silkies if they aren't crossed to the other breeds. People keep the colors separated for predictability. You can breed a white Silkie to a partridge, and it would still be a silkie, but any chicks you offer for sale would need to be accompanied by a disclaimer about parentage. That way, when they breed your black offspring to their black, and get a green spangled Silkie, they'll just shrug instead of having an anyurism.
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    My two cents:

    If you are breeding blue, black, and splash birds of the same breed then you can keep them in one breed pen. You have Giants in those colors so it would be acceptable for them to be kept together and bred to one another. You will always know what you will hatch out of the pen. If you had blue, black, and splash Silkies or Marans you could do the same. Any breed with those colors could be penned together.

    Marans should be kept penned separately by color in order for them to breed true to type and the offspring to be sold as such. If you had Birchin and Blue Birchin they could be penned together. Black and Blue Copper could be penned together as well. I dodn't think there is a Blue Cuckoo but theoretically they could be penned with Cuckoo birds as well.

    Colors like White, Buff, and most laced colors should be kept seperately. And exception would be Blue-laced Red Wyandottes. These birds behave genetically like any other 'Andalusian blue-gene' bird. You would get Blue, Black, and Splash-laced birds from them.
  7. Katy

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    I keep my BBS colors (orps & wyandottes) divided that way. I will be having a pen of black orps penned seperately tho by this spring. My Marans are penned according to color.

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