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    i have a bird sitting on 11 eggs. today is day 5-6 (not sure when to start counting). i had about 2 minutes to candle the eggs before she got pissy i took her off the nest. the light was not the best, but it was a light. there were a few eggs where all i saw was the air sac. assuming those are done for. i had several that i saw something floating around, again not the greatest light and she was getting pissy, so i did not have time to look for the eye, but as i turned the egg something floated around...embryo? i left all the eggs in there, hoping to get a better light for next time and get some answers. next time should i toss the ones with just the air sac?
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    Apr 22, 2015
    By just the air sac, do you mean the egg was dark with light passing through just the air sac?
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    Do a search on here or google for candling pictures so you have an idea of what to look for. If you are unsure, give them the sniff test and if they don't have any funky smell, it doesn't hurt to leave them for a couple more days. It gets easier, once you have had a couple hatches, to recognize a bad egg. And yes, a really good light makes it way easier. I actually use a flashlight app on my phone, which is super bright, and my phone case has a little well where the camera is that eggs fit in perfectly.

    Oh and there really shouldn't be anything "floating" around. When the chick is developing, everything is pretty much secured together. You will see movement but it will be more like a twitch or a wave but not freely moving around. So that egg is the one I would be more concerned about.

    Generally though, what you want to look for is veins. If I can see any veins at all, I will leave it. Usually you can see them the best, just below the air cell.
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    Hey @mayrooni [​IMG] try your cell flashlight ap! they can work in a jiffy sometimes! do it at night when she aint so pissy! here have a look at this! HOW TO CANDLE EGGS

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