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    I had a coworker today tell me that you are not suppose to eat the first couple of eggs that your chickens lay. Is that true? New to all this.
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    Yes, you can eat your first eggs from your chickens. However, they may be smaller then usual or oddly shaped
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    Oct 5, 2012
    I hope that's not true....I just baked a batch of muffins with some of the first few eggs we just got from our girls. I did crack them into a bowl before adding them to the mix, but they looked just fine so in they went! :)
  4. sumi

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    We always eat the first eggs from our hens. They are perfectly fine for eating, but hatching them is not recommended.
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  5. WalkingOnSunshine

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    First eggs (pullet eggs) are perfectly good to eat. In fact, we have customers that specifically wait for cartons of pullet eggs each Fall--the higher yolk to white ratio makes delicious noodles. In most cases, a pullet egg is exactly the same as a later egg, just in miniature.

    You may get one without a yolk here or there, but those are also still fine to eat.

    The only thing you shouldn't do with pullet eggs is try to hatch them. They aren't always fertile, and they're so small that the resulting chicks will be super teeny and might not be well formed. Wait until the eggs are full sized for hatching.
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