Question on hatching


14 Years
Apr 12, 2009
Central PA
I have red golden and lady amherst in separate pens with my peafowl, I am getting a real good hatch on my red golden but fertility was poor on amherst and what fertile eggs I am getting are not hatching very good the eggs are pipping but most are not hatching on there own. The birds should not be related as hens from one breeder and male from different breeder about 150 miles apart in opposite directions from my house. The feed is a mixture of layer pellets and a super breeder for pheasants and my peafowl and a lot of grass clipping and lettuce from garden now. I run my humidity in Incubator at 45 to 50% then in hatcher 60 to 70% this works well for the eggs from my peafowl. The humidity has been on the higher side because of the unusually weather we are having. Any suggestions or are the amherst just that much harder to raise.
I don't find Amherst any more difficult to hatch and raise than Goldens. I've set almost 200 eggs during the past 2 months, about an equal amount of Goldens and Amherst and have had about a 90% hatch rate. I've only had one egg pip and not hatch. Your humidity sounds good. Every thing sounds good to me. Maybe someone has an answer for you. Good Luck

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