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    Well- we did it... Friday morning we put our 10 Barred Rocks and Partrige Rocks (Now 9 weeks old and Humongus!) in the Coop with The Banties (Now 15 weeks old)

    We started by putting their "house" (a large wire dog kennel attached to a 3x4 box) right in the coop so they could see and be seen-by the banties....

    At first, the OE and Seabright Males would fly at the cage and try to peck them thru the bars...then got to where they ignored them... so last night-- we took away the "house" and let em run loose...

    But all they do is crowd into a corner--- and the older (but WAY smaller ) Banty Roo's will go and pinch them and pull the feathers on the back of their necks...
    We spent most of the day supervising, then let them be overnight--

    today, they were milling about a bit-- but sticking near their corner...and if any Banty came within a yard or so-- they'd flap and squawk and crowd into the corner again....

    So here is the ?????

    For anyone that has had to integrat like this-- how long before we can stop playing referee???

    I have more chicks comming Sept 5th, and I want to be sure we're doing this right before introducing them to the flock-- since I'll be doing it MUCH younger with them... I'd hate for a 4-5 week old baby to be bullied or even hurt by the older "bullies"
    (Even my sweet little hens pick on them! I was shocked--and so sad!!)

    [​IMG] Thanx!
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    Quote:Did you leave the BR and PR (in their pen) in the hen house with the banties for at least a week?

    Did you release them at night when the rest of the flock were roosting?

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