Question on pecking

Lee Adams

Jun 17, 2017
So we are new to chickens. Also this is first post here as well. We have 6 ale chickens they have been fine for aboutb2 weeks then one would not at and up. Sid some checking they had mites. So we dusted all of them and the coop. The one that got bad and would not get up started getting pecked till her head bless. So we out her in a separate cage for 2 days. Then let her out they were fine for a while so wife left her out. Came back a few hours later her head was bleeding again. Me i back in the cage she went. One other chicken stays by the cage with her. What should I do?


In the Brooder
Mar 3, 2016
Guilderland, NY
I had a similar issue with chickens pecking one another until they bled. It got pretty bad. I bought "Pinless Peepers." It's a 2 man job to put the peepers on a chicken, but after about 2 weeks of wearing them, the chickens stopped pecking.

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