Question on Silkie color combinations


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Mar 27, 2008
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What color will the chicks be from a white cock over these hens?

I got her from Ideal as part of a silkie assortment.
I don't know what color to call her, she has a few splashes on her back like very pale bars. Here's better pictures.


Non-bearded silkies tend to have large wattles--even the girls.

Aren't white rocks dominant white? if so, then offspring would be white. If recessive white then it's hard to say what the rocks could be hiding.
White isn't a color.. it is simply a gene that prevents the colors and patterns a bird has from showing up. He could be a solid black, partridge, a blue or...... under that white....

So it's one of those things you simply won't know until they're bred.
white is a covering color

Think gray in horses gray covers up all colors including black. It does tend to be a dominant color though
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White in silkies is almost always recessive. There is a separate dominant white gene, but it is usually very leaky--allowing other colours to express in certain areas. Recesive white is very much not leaky. If a bird has two copies of it, you have no idea of what other genetic colours or patterns are present in the bird. Every bird can be different--but they will all be white because of the recessive white gene that does not allow pigment to be placed in the feathers.

The bird in the 1st photo appears to be lavender. The bird in the 2nd photo appears to be black.

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