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Sep 10, 2010
Kodak, by knoxville
Ok i just got 2 dutch bantams and 3 sarama small chickens roosters and 1 sarama hen........ what do i feed them the guy said to get some 191 at farmers co-op anyways what do i feed them?PLEASE HELP!
Well for this very second you can give em some spagehtti noodles for a treat! You can ask for chick starter if they are babies, or layena crumble if they are older than 4 months. It's a start!
I suppose it depends on their age, like RedfogsFlock said. If you're looking for something to "tide them over" until you get to the feed store, they will eat just about anything. Yogurt, cooked rice, oatmeal (cooked or raw), any leafy greens, melons, tomatoes, etc. They are truly garbage disposals. Mine ate my son's uneaten peanut butter and banana sandwich! These are not meant to be a main food, but a treat food, like a supplement. Get yourself to the feed store and get them some proper mash or pellets for their age.
What if they are 15 weeks old what do i get them tomorrow?And what do i feed them when they get mature?Do i feed them regular chicken feed i got for my laying stander hens that are laying when they start to lay?
At 15 weeks a grower finisher would be best.Dont feed Non laying birds layer feed!.It can cause internal bleeding in young bird's.You can add in a little scratch feed as well and give some scrap table foods bread veggie's etc. as treats but not too much.
I feed mine Purina. I started on Medicated Chick crumbles, then moved to Flock Raiser. When they started laying, I switched to Layena. They are lovely healthy birds, and very spoiled with treats like oats, black oil sunflower seeds, scratch grains and lots of produce, like cabbage, broccoli, melon rinds, corn cobs, strawberry tops - but not all at once. It's like giving kids candy. Just a little bit every so often as a treat. All things in moderation.

If you go to a local feed store and ask an employee for help it's likely they'll start you in the right direction.
Actually I've read a couple articles now that argue for starting layer feed before you see eggs instead of after. At around 16-20weeks which some breeds will lay at 16 weeks. However considering the breed I would suggest gamebird feed or unmedicated chick starter with oyster shell free choice or plenty of crushed egg shells. Most people I've talked to with seramas or very small bantams preferred to give them the extra protein and found they do better. Mine always grew and feathered a lot faster with fewer chicks experience failure to thrive and more eggs as adults when fed 22% gamebird starter instead of 18% starter and 16% layer. If you could find 18% or 20% layer you could also feed that. I know a few people can find starter and layer with slightly higher percentages than average. Just don't feed medicated feed indefinitely.
You can't go wrong giving them grow or flock raiser--medicated is probably not necessary at 15 weeks. If they haven't been outside or you're not allowing them out you should probably get some grit to them before loading them up with nonchicken foods. Most good feed stores will sell small bags of chicken grit, just toss a few handfulls it on the floor and let them pick it up. Or you can let them out on to a place that has some dirt and they'll find their own.
You can also do exactly what the breeder said and go to the Co-op and get the type of food they said. Since you have a Co-op, it will prob be cheaper and better to go through them.

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