Question regarding when I go on vacation.

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I have house/cat/chicken sitters who will be living at my house for the 12 days we are in Mexico.. A family trip to celebrate my mother-in-laws recovery from breast cancer.

Anyway-I have a potentially strange question.

What happens when you go away? Do the chickens forget you and you have to start all over with trust building?
I work from home. So I'm with them morning. Noon and night. Literally. We have a routine. It's like clock work....
Your birds should be very happy to see you and greet you when you come back or they'll be a bit standoffish at first then realize your back.I recommend you have a similar routine for them even with a sitter because animals get used to the reg.I purposely at a young age have a very here and there schedule so as adults it is normal.Birds also have good memory in all my experiences they've shown it so don't worry and have a nice trip! :)
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Agrees that it's the schedule not the person that's most important to the chickens.

You might want to have the sitter come a couple times before you leave to let them go thru the chicken chores with they are familiar with what to do and the chickens get used to the new person.

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