Question to those who own Brinsea Mini Advance


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Mar 28, 2013
hi all,
I set my incubator to "auto cool =yes" during incubation. I realized after lockdown it didn't shut off. While my chicks were hatching it went into auto cool and the temp dropped to 88.4. I tried going through the setting and turning auto cool to NO but it wouldn't turn off. I was getting desperate because I had chicks trying to dry off and eggs that were zipping. No matter how many times i set auto cool to No and saved the settings, it wouldn't shut off. I ended up unplugging the incubator then plugging it back in and that seemed to allow auto cool to reset. The weird thing is, it saved the other settings days countdown. Has anyone ever had this happen? What did I do wrong?
Chicks seem to be fine. Had 4 more eggs hatch overnight. One egg left to go.


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Mar 31, 2011
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It sounds like you turned off the setting. It likely did not stop the current cycle though. Turning it off mad the system go back to heating mode.

Congratulations on the new chicks!

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