Question: When to change from chick feed to pullet feed


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Sep 11, 2009
Hoping someone can help me here.
I just put my girls outside three days ago. They are 7 weeks as of should I go buy pullet food and start them on this or wait a bit?
(They love the worms they are finding better than anything else)

I have just a little bit of chick feed left, so was hoping to slowly introduce the pullet food using chick mix ...

You need to keep them on chick feed until they are at least 12-15 weeks. I keep mine on it until they actually start laying.

They need the extra protient to grow. I do know some people who start them sooner, but I think the majority keeps them on until at least 15-20 weeks.

Maybe someone else can give you their input, but 7 weeks is still too young.

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well my bag of chick feed says to keep them on the starter till 8weeks then move them to grower feed till they are 18 weeks when they start to lay then switch them to the layer pellets but putting them on layer pellets to soon can cause kidney problems in the younger chicks my chicks are 4 weeks old now so far ive used 25 pounds of feed and just picked up a 50 pound bag hopeing i can last till they get onto the grower feed i picked up 3 bags of the grower feed last week getting ready for the change in feed seems like the grower feed is about 3 bucks a bag less than chick starter and the layer pellets are even cheaper hope this helps
12 to 15 months? Or do you mean weeks?

We are planning to keep feeding the chick feed until the 50 lb bag is gone. With 12 chicks that seems like it might be a long time.


Half asleep when I posted and getting closer to bed right now.

Up working on a sick bator.

Guess I should have mentioned also, that my feedstore sells starter/grower. So yes you could go to grower now. Yep, I'm beat.
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I Just switched my girls from starter to finisher/grower. They are now 11 weeks. The recommendation on the bag was for chicks 10-15 weeks. I think this is a blend to keep them growing while preparing them for the layer feed (mine chickies are all layers).

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