Mar 10, 2017
Waddy, KY
I have 8 guinea keets in a back porch brooder box. They need to move to larger quarters but don't have their grey feathers yet. When is it ok to move them to my larger outdoor brooder box? It has a slanted metal roof and plastic on the ends.
we think they are about 8 weeks (bought at Rural King so age could be older) they have nice set of camo feathers. weather is currently hot and humid (80-90 degrees) but it is supposed to be in the 60s next week.
Sounds like they should be fine to move. Are they acclimated to the outdoor temperatures? I am guessing so, because you said they are on the back porch. Because the bigger brooder has a roof and some protection from wind, I don't anticipate problems. The birds should be fully feathered at 8 weeks.

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