5 Years
Sep 17, 2014
I have had hens for about ten years - completely love it! as do my DC neighbors! I have 4 right now, an auracana, an astrolorp, and two whose breeds I do not know for certain - one I think is an americana, the other is one very blond hen (Lemonade, of course). I am interested in getting two more in spring -- a french maran (lays those deep brown/almost burgundy eggs), and another araucana for the blue/green eggs. Anyone know of a breeder in DC/Baltimore area?
Hello there.
You might have better luck asking this in your state thread.

Maybe a staff member can move this post to your state thread for you.
I have 1 Black Copper Marans who should lay her first egg any day now! She is gorgeous and soft as a kitten which surprised me and won me over to wanting more of this breed!

Look under Social threads for the heading "Where Am I? Where Are You?" The first thread will help you find your state. More people will see your question there than here. You should also look under the thread heading "Swaps". Good luck:thumbsup
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